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Why choose Mainstreet Soul over a DJ or even another band?


Your wedding deserves to be amazing, and your love story should be celebrated in grand style. The colors, the food, the dress and the fancy tux – they all contribute to making your wedding day feel incredible. But why should you choose Mainstreet Soul over a DJ, or another band, when it comes to your wedding day? 


It Feels More Unique: You hear and see DJs at almost every other party you attend and hiring Mainstreet Soul to entertain you and your guests will feel more intimate and special. Not only will Mainstreet Soul add that special flair that will make your wedding feel more exclusive, but we’ll help you and your guests create memories that will last a lifetime.


It’s More Organic: There’s something nearly magical about the strum of a guitar, the harmonious sound of a horn section, or a live voice singing your favorite song while you whirl to your First Dance. Mainstreet Soul will make these moments feel more romantic and will create some truly special moments for you and your guests.


Communication: When hiring Mainstreet Soul for your wedding entertainment, you can be assured that we are on the same page with you for your entire evening. From the band’s playlist, DJ’ed songs during band breaks, dinner music, cocktail hour music, etc. We also take the necessary steps to ensure that our MC will pronounce everyone’s name correctly that they are announcing. And once you hire Mainstreet Soul, you have a direct link to the band leader.


The Quality of Music: This is what truly separates Mainstreet Soul from DJs and most wedding bands. First, and most importantly, we have arrangements for every song that we play. We don’t have a “loose” band and you’re certainly not paying to see a rehearsal or a jam session at your wedding or special event. We play the songs the way that you know them so that you can sing along, and we play the songs exactly the same way every time. This is why Mainstreet Soul sounds the way that we do. 


Mainstreet Soul is a TRUE BAND: We have been a band since January 2010 and we make music together as a unit. You can be assured that the band you saw at your friend’s wedding or at one of our public events will be the band that shows up at your wedding. 


We also make it a priority to entertain your guests: While a DJ can surely mix music that fits different age groups and different musical genres, Mainstreet Soul can incorporate them all in a natural way that will create a true show for you and your guests. What separates us from other bands here is that we put on a show, and in doing so there are moments during the evening where several members of the band (not just the singers) will be interacting with you and your guests on the dance floor. Your photographers and your guests will love these special moments that are the icing on the cake that help you and your guests create memories that will last a lifetime. 


If you’re looking for an amazing wedding band in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois, contact Mainstreet Soul today and allow us to help you create lasting memories and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests on your wedding day.

“A friend texted me post-wedding to say that they've never been to a wedding where 95% of people there were on the dance floor. Everyone had so much fun, and it was all thanks to the amazing band!”

- Olivia S. (Wedding Day: October 15, 2022)

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